Idea would save council money

From: Peter Gallop, Marsham Brook Lane, Pett Level

I know that the work has now been done on the harbour, but maybe if his idea had been done, it would have saved thousands of pounds for Hastings. I would like you to publish his letter again:

“We keep hearing the same old story about the harbour arm – the cost of repairing it, everybody’s pet scheme for doing it, no money in the kitty for it. Why not cut the cost down to a minimum and do what the town did in 1946?

“We had the ‘dragon teeth’ left behind by the war removed from the front line and placed over the groyne at Rock-a-Nore to protect the sewage tanks which were being pounded by the seas. It was a great success, the area now being covered by beach which has piled up ever since.

“Take a car ride to Baldslow, Staplecross or Bexhill Road and see the dragon teeth still standing. They can be put to the same us, protecting the harbour arm, by dropping them over the east side into the gaps.

“This method would cut costs as it would involved only transport and a crane. It would also tidy up the countryside at the same time.

“I know it will work as I was on the job in 1946 for the local council.”