‘I wonder if Mr Walters is one of the fortunate pensioners?’

I HAVE read the article about John Morgan and his reaction to the increase in fees for pensioners at matches.

Like Mr Morgan my husband has been an ardent fan for more than 60 years and still is even though he is not happy with the price increase either, but neither is he happy about Mr Walters’ comments.

What has incensed me is Mr Walters’ remarks, how lucky he must be to give up his career to work as he says as a volunteer (does this mean he does not get paid?).

He must be in a very lucky position unlike my husband who was made redundant three times in four years and certainly is not one of the fortunate ones.

Is Mr Walters one of the fortunate pensioners I wonder? In which case he has a blinkered outlook on the majority of people over 65.

We have both worked extremely hard all our working lives and did not finish up with wonderful pensions but like many others of our age group we have been careful.

The under 21s apparently get in for nothing which I assume is to try and encourage more younger supporters, but surely a payment of some kind would be more sensible after all youngsters should not expect to get anything for nothing.


Hardwicke Road