I wish you every success

IT was heartening to read of the Crowhurst 1066 Association’s plan to have the next enactment in or around the village, I wish them every success in their endeavours.

May I add a few ideas that they might like to adopt, why not after the enactment depart via the route of the new bypass. This has a number of advantages, the damage they would cause to the flora and fauna would be extensive if reports from the abbey site are to be believed so the less environmentally friendly bulldozers and diggers would be surplus to requirements.

As the Normans, Saxons and their horses depart westward they could be joined by the bypass camp followers, recognised by their high visibility jackets whose task would be to stop any tired warriors digging tunnels to sleep in or climbing trees to escape the wet boggy terrain.

A weary/hungry Norman or Saxon, who has had a bad day, armed with a battle axe sword and pike is an entirely different animal to a cold wet and constipated protestor. It would require an expert with even more expertise to evict them.

On completing the route the combined masses could turn eastwards making for the warm glow of Hastings and with careful planning be in time for the Hastings Week Bonfire celebrations.

Lastly funding for such events is always a problem but cash is usually readily available from local, county, or even national level if you mention job creation.

The fact that you would line the entire route Olympic torch style with paid marshals and security staff, 20 full-time posts would be created in local planning for the next six months, 50 extra street cleaners plus an all-terrain dung cart to cater for the adverse effect on the 100 plus horses’ digestive systems by the celebration fire works should bring the cash rolling in.

Please give all consultation fees to local charities.


Rock Lane