I will appeal my fly-tipping fine

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I AM a resident of Kenilworth Road and have been living in the road for the past 13 years.

I am very aware of the rubbish and fly-tipping problems within the Seven Streets area and often see sofas, fridges and so on being dumped in the street with no consideration for others, but having had a law enforcement officer knocking on my door this afternoon has led me to believe that this is just one step too far in the crusade of clearing up our streets.

Last Tuesday morning (December 3) I had placed two cardboard boxes by the side of the communal recycling rubbish bins opposite my home, the reasons being that I have weakness in my right arm and was not able to crush the boxes, or even cut them up to put them in the allocated slots.

There was no other rubbish in these boxes, just two empty cardboard boxes waiting for collection from the recycling team.

I then find myself answering the door to a law enforcement officer asking to speak to my boyfriend. I told the officer that my partner does not live with and in fact lives and works in London.

It transpires that my cardboard box has been seen by the officer and my address noted. He told me that I had been fly-tipping and that it is an offence.

I apologised for my mistake, explained that I couldn’t get the boxes in the slots without crushing and couldn’t physically do it myself and thought that it would be fine to leave them by the side of the recycling bin for collection.

However, he ignored my pleas and told me I have 14 days to pay a £50 fine or £75 after 14 days. Alternatively I can appeal in court.

And yes, I will be appealing in court.


Kenilworth Road

St Leonards