I was in favour of helter skelter

I WAS one of the 13 who wrote to the planning committee in favour of the helter skelter proposal, when I mentioned this on facebook my friends asked my why I supported it and this was my answer:

“I thought it was amusing and sea-sidey, it was a gift, the fountain looks like a bad ‘50s joke, the objection to not being able to see over the roundabout when driving was mad as you shouldn’t need to see over a roundabout, it might have drawn more people in than the Jerwood, it was new in a tired old end of town. I did suggest on here (Facebook) they could have Queen Vic and St Leonards could have the Helter Skelter - bet we’d have said a big yes!”

I would now also add that suggestions of a net hut or a boat are misplaced, the roundabout is not in the Old Town and while the fishing community is important to the town it is not the be all and end all of everything Hastings.

I wish I’d known the other 12, maybe we could have got together with a big cauldron and a book of spells. I don’t expect the Fairlight Arts Trust will make such a generous offer to the town again.


North Street

St Leonards