I was Deep Purple’s manager

TO put your readers’ minds at rest about who Deep Purple (Hastings branch) were here is a picture of the band with Titch Turner as lead singer.

I was their manager for a time and they were previously called The Likes Of Us.

It shows that we had the name before the other lot as the local group were gigging while the nucleus of the others were in Episode Six and in fact played the Cobweb after Deep Purple.

Hastings has always been a hotbed of topline groups and artists appearing at the Pier, Witchdoctor, Cobweb and Aquarius clubs, to name but a few, over the years.

Bowie often played at The Witchdoctor and Cobweb and Ronnie Wood played with The Birds there.

There is a vast history of great gigs and shows in the history of this town. Not only that we have always had a wealth of musical talent of our own. If anyone is interested more information can be found on the excellent website SMART at www.ninebattles.com. Take a look and see.