I support Route 1066

Congratulations on a great paper and for continuing to represent the area and your ongoing support for promoting the wonderful town of Hastings and St Leonards.

I visit Hastings at least weekly ‘all the way from Tring’, usually by rail, sometimes by road. Managing and governing the area cannot be easy and as an outsider who loves the town I’m always made to feel as welcomed as if I were a local and I continue to be impressed by a town that consistently punches above its weight.

I support Route 1066 as a fabulous branding idea and I hope the nay-sayers who automatically reject every new initiative on principle will be listened to attentively, then suitably ignored.

Please be aware however that it is almost inevitable that the route will be christened “Route 1066, The battle TO Hastings”, at least until intended road improvements are made. But that’s another story.

Well done Hastings Borough Council and the A21 Reference Group, keep up the good work.

Ray Pitman