‘I never cease to be amazed’

I NEVER cease to be amazed how councillors seem so determined to spend huge amounts of money on relocating our public library in these times of severe financial constraints.

Cllr Godfrey Daniel appears to have his eye on the upper floor of the old Woolworths building which he says, appears to be for sale. He also says Hastings Borough Council could relocate some of the other county council services in this building.

To all who remember the top floor of the old Woolworths building, it is not a particularly large space - furthermore has anybody within the council worked out how much it would cost to acquire the premises, refurbish it and install new lifts?

The existing library could be upgraded with far less money than would be required for this feckless idea.

To say our library is not fit for purpose is far from the truth - it just needs a bit of tweaking here and there - it certainly does not need a supermarket facility of self-service.

And if this hare-brained scheme does go ahead, what does the council intend to do with the lovely old building that currently houses our library?

To suggest that we may lose our library needs some clarification - why would we lose it? Who says we will lose it? Just because it isn’t “state of the art” doesn’t mean to say there isn’t life in the old girl yet does it?

The council needs to wake up and smell the coffee - you don’t discard an important amenity just because you would prefer an all singing all dancing facility.

I would like a 42” plasma television but my existing television works perfectly well albeit without all the latest gadgets - but I can’t afford a new one...so I stick with what I have.

The bottom line is this: Hastings is suffering huge cutbacks and we simply cannot afford to spend money on schemes like this. End of story.


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards