I may not be from Hastings but I am proud to represent it

I WRITE in response to Arnold Corn’s letter (January 14) in which he refers to Hastings being run by idiots who were not born here.

May I say I take great exception to this letter as I was born in Glasgow but have lived in Hastings since I was six, worked here, given my free time to the community here and indeed loved this town more than the one I was born in.

I am married to a Hastings boy and both my children are Hastings boys of which they are immensely proud - until misguided people make unfounded comments in the local paper.

I am very proud to have been elected in May as the councillor for Hollington ward, an area which I grew up in and one where I still live but I am even more proud that I defeated the BNP whose candidate was a Hastings person.

I think that it is important that councillors at least live in the town which they represent regardless of where they were born and perhaps this is more of an issue to be discussing as there are councillors who indeed do not live in Hastings or St Leonards at all.


Hollington Ward