I’m wishing we’d Stade at home...

FIRSTLY, may I say that the Stade Open Space has proven to be a great creative showcase and locals and visiting tourists have welcomed and embraced such a varied repertoire.

However, this last Saturday my partner and I were frankly horrified with some of the content of the performing band.

We acknowledge and usually appreciate any alternative and ‘off beat’ talent but on this occasion the level of tolerance and moral decency was strongly questionable.

The programme included controversial songs which which contained blasphemy albeit wrapped up in skilled musical performance. The criticism in question was the song included in the encore. It was abusive and totally unacceptable.

It did ‘cross the line’ of offensive behaviour to what should be a Christian society. The repetition of extremely loud chanting verses of the crucifixion with disgraceful imagery.

As law-abiding citizens we ‘voted with our feet’ and included our written disgust on a questionnaire offered within the crowd. I haven’t received a reply from that source.

In retrospect, I now consider that the action that we took was too passive and choosing a pro-active immediate stronger vocal dissent may have resulted in the action mentioned in the last paragraph. Was that the way it should have been handled to make a point - as it seems freedom of speech is for all, surely?

I also wonder if anyone else was incensed with any of the content from this act as friends since have mentioned being upset regarding a song suggesting degradation of women.

Surely it is a sad message about our modern society if the audience were outwardly enjoying the content. However, as it was delivered though rapid song, mime and loud music, were the lyrics heard or did it totally ‘wash over’ them without comment or embarrassment?

It has been mentioned that blasphemy laws have been amended and possibly ‘diluted to nothing’. However, I have phoned the Stade Open Space organiser and I am awaiting his reply.

On a happy final note, locals and visitors have supported these summer weekend events which are usually exciting and respectful. So thank you for those and we look forward to being inspired by such entertainment in the future.


Barley Lane