I can’t thank NHS staff enough

THE other day, after working a night shift, my mother had a medical emergency and I had to call 999 for assistance.

The paramedic crew that attended were some of the kindest and efficient people I have met for a very long time. The team leader Mark looked after my mother so well and we were taken to the A&E department at the Conquest Hospital.

Mark took time from his busy schedule to get my mother something to eat and drink and then the excellent staff of A&E took over.

Everyone from the cleaning staff, care assistants, the nurse in charge and especially Doctor Emily who looked after her, just went above and beyond in their efforts to reassure us and complete every possible test they could with such caring kindness and their efforts to even look after me with endless coffee and food was much appreciated.

A&E was extremely busy and everyone was overwhelmed with the workload yet they were still able to take the time to give a very personal touch to the care that given to my mother.

All too often I read negative reports about our beloved NHS and the staff who work within it but we really do not appreciate what a national treasure it is. It’s always there when we need it, with so many people who are so obviously devoted to giving people the care they need and as a mental health professional with 28 years of experience I was so very proud of my general colleagues yesterday I would like to say a huge thank you to all of them.

Mum is now recovering at home thanks to them.


Westhill Road

St Leonards