I can’t believe drivers didn’t stop to let the fire engine through

From: Dee Mutter, Marina, St Leonards

On Monday, July 23, around 9.10am, we were in the car waiting to pull out of Coghurst Road onto the Ridge, opposite the Fire Station.

The fire engine was leaving its station, all lights and sirens blazing.

We waited at the turning to allow the fire engine to leave the station but what amazed us, was that four cars travelling along the Ridge towards Ore village did not even slow down, let alone stop, but continued driving preventing the fire engine leaving the fire station.

How selfish can you be?

The four drivers would not have been quite so gung-ho if the incident the fire engine was going to attend involved their family members.

No one knows where they were going and what they would encounter.

Would it not be a good use of a camera to be put outside the fire station so it could film anyone hampering them in the performance of their duty, and then rightfully fined?