I agree a lot of children seem unruly these days

I READ with interest the letter from Mr Morris and his comments on the prospect of the next six-week school holiday period.

Last week we have four angry letters in response, suggesting that ‘he never had a childhood’ and ‘he never had children.’

Why is it that people immediately assume critics of modern children’s behaviour must be childless? And if the gentleman in question has in fact no children, does this make him incapable of comment regarding them?

Jim Ballard says his wife ‘has to take their children out every day’ even though this proves costly.

But I shall not judge, despite being a mother. This is just fine, although I do wonder whatever happened to indoor pursuits.

I interpreted Mr Morris’s concern as, and I wholeheartedly agree with him, the fact that so many children seem unruly these days in supermarkets and other public places. I have myself witnessed many running around, playing a chasing game down the aisles, shouting and screaming and their mother or father showing no control over them at all.

I know they are not allowed to smack them/discipline in public but we are left wondering how they behave at home if they cannot behave in public. Few seem to have any discipline when mixing socially. This I have observed in restaurants as well.

You won’t find this sort of behaviour in France, for example. Children know to adjust their behaviour outside home and have been taught some social skills.

And no, I do not intend to move there. I love this country which is why I am bothering to respond.

David Barry seems to think Mr Morris has problems with the amount of children and rightly says how overcrowded our islands are.

More reason surely to get those social skills learned and the earlier the better, unless we are to become riotous, shoving, pushing and treading on each other?

As to the letter from S Offord and his response, surely this is a child writing?

I rest my case.


London Road

St Leonards