Humankind has other belief systems

How can I not reply to Cindi Cogswell’s letter concerning my letter regarding Fairlight Church and her assumptions as to what I believe in.

It’s sad that 2,000 years of Christianity has shaped a dying belief system and bigots who are too narrow-minded to accept that humankind has other belief systems and are just as powerful as her god.

I hope if he (I don’t use capitals for what I don’t believe in) gets a second chance in the future it is male and female orientated not biased towards men.

Now that women are standing up to be counted I am glad to see that at long last the Church is accepting both sexs into its belief system in order to survive for a few more years.

I believe in the Sun God not a self-proclaimed son of god. Why? Because I know it is the power that makes the earth fertile, grows crops and allows the earth to flourish. The Moon Goddess gives us gravity, tides and something to marvel at. I only see the dieties that Pagans worship as a sacred and spiritual power but with science thrown in.

I think Ms Cogswell should agree to differ.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards