How will Corbyn deploy troops?

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Tony Talman, West Parade, Bexhill

What an excellent covering you gave to the Labour leader in your Friday, July 7 issue.

As a retired professional soldier in my twilight years I can’t wait for the Labour Party being the government in waiting to take control of our country.

For the past seven years my military pension has remained the same, no increases at all.

The majority of my military service was on active service defending our country against terrorists.

It was the Tories who sent me off to war and had me killing freedom fighters they told me were deemed to be a threat to our country.

I am very confused as our next leader in waiting, 
Jeremy Corbyn was so supportive of the IRA and others such as those in the Middle East with whom he was brave enough to share a platform with.

I would like to know how will he be deploying our armed forces in fighting these terrorists when he is our Prime Minster?