How to get rid of tourism in the town

HOW to eradicate tourism in Hastings:

1. Coaches are essential to tourism in Hastings, so lets not park them in the vast car park behind the aquarium and near all the main attractions, but instead make them park miles away, opposite the only attraction in town which is out of commission and an eyesore – the pier.

2. Festivals are another main tourist attraction, lets make it difficult for Jack-in-the-Green and others by making publicans in George Street erect drinking barricades outside their premises, thus creating a ‘Health & Safety’ issue so that the procession is halted at Croft Road.

3. Keep the Jack-in-the-Green procession away from the sea front so that tourists are unaware of it and won’t go home and tell others of the great event.

4. Amass a huge police presence at a passive event so that the public are made to feel uneasy – as if something untoward was about to happen.

My family and I have enjoyed Jack-in-the-Green and the May Day Bike Run for many years, but this year is the worst I have ever witnessed.

The participants in the Jack-in-the-Green procession were way down in numbers and without the Morris dancers and musicians in George Street the atmosphere was dead.

Halting the procession at Croft Road was a fiasco and ruined the overall effect of the occasion.

I walked along George Street to town and passed three groups of police at 100 yard intervals walking the other way.

When I reached the junction by the Carlisle I saw police standing on each side of the pub and across the road in cars and vans.

This is absolutely ridiculous as there is never any trouble at these events, either with the bikers or with festival enthusiasts.

The only trouble I have knowledge of was last year in Butlers Gap and much later on, when all the bikers and festival people had all gone.

It was mainly youngsters who were partying and the trouble only started when the police tried to break it up.

The decline in tourism in Hastings is down to ridiculous parking arrangements for coaches, stupid drinking barricades and over policing passive events, thus taking the enjoyment out of the occasion and putting people off coming.

Lets get things back to what it used to be and get rid of the barricades and get the coaches back to the old town.


Trinity Mews, Dorset Place