How long will gallery entrance fee concession last?

ALTHOUGH now retired and living in Rother, I was born, educated and in business in Hastings and so I am naturally interested in all developments in Hastings and so wish the Jerwood Gallery well.

I must congratulate Liz Gilmore and her colleagues on the brilliant marketing scheme on visitor prices by charging non-Hastings residents 250 per cent more for admission; I am surprised that the Hastings supermarkets, the cinema and the White Rock Theatre have not thought of this before.

I see that there is no financial support from Hastings Borough Council which means that the residents of Hastings are not in any way contributing to the funding making the exorbitant entry price for non-residents even more ridiculous, and why no funding from The Arts Council?

The area surrounding Hastings, I suggest, will produce more visitors in the long-term and I would request that the management of the Jerwood think again. There is a side-effect – at least we strangers will not have to remember to bring a utility bill or Council Tax form when and if we visit. But then again, I could always borrow one from my relatives who live in Hastings.


Heather Way, Fairlight

WE most certainly object to the Jerwood charging an entrance fee to local people; this was not what was originally agreed. The Stade car park near the angling club has been removed to make way for the Jerwood, leaving members of the angling club having to find an alternative parking area when attending functions/meetings there, often having to walk a considerable distance, such as from the Rock-a-Nore car park. It is unfair and not wanted by most people in the town. We are pleased to note, however, the some form of concession has been made to local people, but for how long? Once the ‘honeymoon’ period is over, will they quietly remove this concession, one wonders.


Essenden Road

St Leonards