How can Gerald afford club fees?

I WRITE in relation to your recent news item: Homeless helpers invited to the House of Lords.

This story concerned me on a number of levels. There are already enough homeless people in the town without a charity condoning and promoting a homeless way of life. Where will this ‘base’ be situated?

We already have a vast array of these grant funded ‘charity status’ operations with offices in the area - it’s no wonder there’s so many homeless people, there is no room left for residential accommodation.

A friend of mine at the golf club, his daughter has been on a waiting list for social housing since 2007. It’s a wonder Gerald can keep paying the country club fees.

Your article was very sparing with the detail on the reason for this party being held at the House of Lords. No doubt it is being funded out of taxpayers’s money.

On a final note, I would like to express my admiration for Terry Waite, he is a fine gentleman and commands respect. It surprises me that he has become involved in this sorry affair.


Lower Park Road