How about a leisure complex rail link?

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I AM very supportive of plans to build a leisure complex in West St Leonards at last.

I am very pleased that someone is taking an interest in this part of the town. I have sadly seen its decline over the years, as more focus has been on the Old Town and central Hastings such as the new buildings outside the station.

This decline has had an impact on my business in this neglected area of West St Leonards, and other businesses too.

I would however, like to make a suggestion which would maybe enhance the leisure complex project and improve the lot of businesses here in West St Leonards: a small mini rail link between the complex to the Old Town.

This would link the two regions quite nicely.

Visitors could use the small train link and see both sides of the town.

At the moment we have a seasonal mini train system linking the Old Town and central Hastings. But what about extending this to West St Leonards on an all year round basis?


Marine Court

St Leonards