Hospice is a marvellous place

I am working for a local contractor carrying out refurbishment to St Michael’s Hospice and cannot help to notice how the staff is in respect of care for the patients

Each and every one from porters to the doctors, nurses and to all the kitchen staff and volunteers and also the maintenance team are absolutely marvellous, treating all with respect, empathy and above all, keeping a light and happy cheerful environment.

I have been overwhelmed at the amount of local companies that have offered materials and services for free - how tremendous!

Until you have been involved with such a great place you cannot realise the work they do to help all concerned. I would urge any one to support such a great cause and pay a visit to their open days and charity events

Well done to you all.

I would also recommend the tasty pasties and sausage rolls sold on the premises - I have the weight gain to prove it.


New Road