Hope fate not signed and sealed

I AM shocked and disappointed to read the comments of MP Amber Rudd on the proposed closure of our town centre crown post office (Observer, October 18).

She said, “...I have negotiated the best outcome given the circumstances.” I cannot believe that anyone in the town wants it to move to a busy branch of WH Smith.

Many of my neighbours worry about how crowded this store gets, especially at Christmas time. Moving it here is a clear downgrade of our post office.

It was also reported that the petition run by Sarah Owen (Labour Party) has attracted more than 6,000 signatures. I always understood that any public consultation was meant to take into account the views of the public. How about all of those people?

Our MP seems to think the fate of our post office is already signed, sealed and delivered. I hope she’s proved wrong.


Hollington Park Road

St Leonards