Homelessness a cross party issue, not just in Hastings

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Hippolyte Grigg, Park Wood Road, Hastings

Mr Chowney needs to examine the dynamics of homelessness before he slates central government for the plight of the homeless.

It’s a cross party issue. Any opportunity for the opposition parties to knock the party in power is just par for the course on this one and this is Mr Chowney’s speciality.

Some of the reasons for people becoming homeless don’t stem from the lack of central funds. There are multiple personal reasons which are well documented.

I know as I was a Trustee for Emmaus, the homeless charity, for many years.

Mr Chowney needs to examine the profligacy of council expenditure.

The hundreds or even thousands of pounds wasted in man hours for fruitless consultations, funds which could easily form part of match funding to help the homeless in different ways.

These consultations reveal respondents’ negative comments which are ignored in many cases, with projects going ahead come what may.

I challenge Mr Chowney to prove me wrong but then I don’t suppose he reads these letters. If he did he may learn something.