High rents are not helping traders

WHILE it is sad to see the loss of a further three shops in the town, I don’t think the recession can be blamed for all of it.

Let’s not forget the high rents that are squeezed out of the traders despite money being tight.

Since the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre was opened we had to have all the big stores in, gradually pushing the smaller traders out.

Our big name stores don’t carry the same choice of products as the same stores in other towns which is why a lot of Hastings people still go to other towns to shop or now shop online.

We don’t bother with Hastings town shops very often for that reason and go to Maidstone and Eastbourne instead.

Yes,we are in a recession and other towns are losing shops as well but they make sure they are doing all they can to bring people to their towns (even if its only a smile and a cheery greeting, something a few of our shop assistants might manage).

John Hough says we don’t want a shopping centre full of vacant units but that’s excactly what will happen in Hastings if we don’t get the right shops here.

Hastings is on a losing battle and in a lot of ways has only got itself to blame.


Beecham Place

St Leonards