Heroes show true grit to help elderly couple

MY wife and I are in our late 70s, I’m her full time carer and she is totally disabled and confined to bed 24/7.

We have six carers a day plus medical staff visiting us.

We live in one of two specially adapted bungalows at the end of a small cul-de-sac. For five days last week there was a 100-yard long solid sheet of ice outside.

The carers (or anyone else) could not get to us although they did their very best.

I phoned the highways department four times to see if it could put some grit or salt down. No one returned my calls.

So I phoned my two councillors for Hollington to see if they could get through to the highways and they did not return my calls.

It was now looking as though I would have try to get my wife into hospital. So in desperation I phoned MP Amber Rudd’s office. I explained the situation to her secretary Dr Louise Sargent.

She contacted the highways who told her they would deal with it. They never turned up.

So Dr Sargent contacted DC Maintenance Services in Battle Road and spoke to director Paul Rumble.

She explained the situation and said I would pay. He replied there would be no charge and should regard it as my good deed for the day.

Half an hour later he was outside with his truck and salt spraying machine, and after a second fall of snow he was there again Sunday morning. Job done.

A very big thank you to Paul at DC and Dr Sargent at Amber Rudd’s office.


Beecham Place

St Leonards