Hero takes stand on growing fruit

THANK heavens, at last, for a local hero. Michael Rock’s stand against the council at Hastings County Court (Allotment holder wants right to grow just fruit, Observer, August 2) must be applauded. If he has a fighting fund for expenses I want to contribute.

How did it come to this? You can grow cabbages but not cox apples. Also in your pages you report grief over the town’s planning process and Cllr Daniel’s view that ‘people who buy land have a right to do what they like with it’. This is crass and stupid, the whole system’s gone bonkers. Let’s hope for a less adversarial, more collaborative council sometime soon. As for Mr Rock feeling ‘the council wants to crush me because it doesn’t like the look of me’, I have to say that he looks pretty good to me and is an inspiration to all of us.


Grove Road