Haystacks appearing at end of roads

IS it the intention of our borough council to start building haystacks at the end of roads where they carry out grass cutting?

Many of the roads that have so far had the verges cut have been left with large areas of dry grass having not been picked up. There is a risk when leaving grass laying around like this, sudden gusts of wind can blow it into the road and if it becomes wet could lead to skidding, the same with the pavements.

Elderly people are prone to slip at the best of times, now we are providing them with a ready made slippery surface.

This year the areas maintained by the borough needed cutting much earlier and not left with grass as high as it currently is, there are still many areas to be cut.

May I be so bold as to suggest that people living close to grassed areas be encouraged to cut the grass to ensure the town does not look such a mess, perhaps some incentive could be offered such as a reduction in council tax to cover the cost that may be incurred.


Old Roar Road