Haven’t we had enough of spin?

THANK you for your editorial regarding Ms Amber Rudd’s interview with the FT saying that our MP should ‘talk up’ the Hastings image, a phrase which under Mr Blair used to be called ‘spin’ (Observer, May 3).

I am not a member of the Conservative Party nor any other, once believing that Cllr John Hodges would have made a very good down-to-earth, close to the townspeople constituency MP, but I still wonder how just or fair your editorial or the twitters you excerpted really are.

Isn’t it refreshing to find an MP - and/or the journalist in question - telling something like the truth for a change? Isn’t this better than positive spin? (Haven’t we, the people, had enough of political spin?).

Surely Hastings needs and deserves more help than it is getting in orderto realise the potential of the beauty around and in it and to help our poor, our unemployed, our deracinated, our young to enjoy it too ?

Help will go where it is most evidently needed, so isn’t telling the truth about what’s wrong one good step towards getting it right, in fact helping all the groups trying hard to make things much better?

By the way, regarding the ‘two hours to London’, don’t you think the train service to London is an embarrassing disappointment, assisting the downgrading of Hastings opportunities, isn’t Manchester also two hours from London despite the greater distance? Wasn’t that remark by the MP tongue-in-cheek - after all even Tory Tunbridge Wells moans about it?

And really, is it such a bad thing to have a Hastings MP (to whom the Tories did not give a plum seat) who stands up in front of a sparsely attended House of Commons? Stands up for the law against culturally induced kidnapping, female mutilation, rape in combat and rape altogether? Someone who gets Hastings into the FT?

Might that interview not push the Government posh elements put money into Hastings if they want to keep the seat? Might it not - in the FT which they might read - make them think twice about divided and dwindling shares of the vote?

Shouldn’t your editorial have included the possibility that the truth can help bring money in to us here at this juncture in English politics?


Marianne Park