Hats off to man who backed St Leonards

I WOULD just like to back John Steerwood of Undercliff on what he said in your paper last Friday about St Leonards.

More prominence should be given to St Leonards. We are seen as the poor relation and we are not.

Street signage should say ‘St Leonards’ and ‘Welcome to St Leonards’ should be evident so that people travelling in cars either from the A21 or A259 should be able to see that they are entering into St Leonards and not just pass us by going to Hastings, as if there is only life and culture there.

In relation to what the chairman of Hastings Trust said about not changing the name to reflect St Leonards “because it has always been that way”, all I can say to that is that with his stinted attitude and lack of forward thinking, the sooner they get another chairman the better.

I fully support Mr Steerwood’s ideas about a local statute to reflect equal status for Hastings and St Leonards.

Well done, John, for sticking up for St Leonards. We need more people like you.


Salisbury Road

St Leonards