Hastings treasure is now in London

WE now know that Pirate Day is to be on July 22 but did you know that Hastings has its own buried treasure but, alas, no treasure map to mark the spot?

This wonderful treasure was commissioned and paid for by the County Borough of Hastings in 1966.

It drew many visitors to the town to gaze on it in wonder, one of whom was the Queen.

However after a few years a group of people decided that there was no longer any room for it.

So, instead of having it on public display, where people paid money to see it, they took it to an unknown site in London, where it has remained, hidden from view, for so many years.

Many good citizens of Hastings today have never even had the chance to see this treasure, which rightly belongs to them.

At 86 years of age, I am not much good at ‘digging for treasure’ but I know of people who would love to hear my tale of woe.

It is only my deep love for Hastings which prevents me from passing on these details to them.

I do not want Hastings to be ridiculed or disgraced, if a wider public should hear about it.

However, as someone who longs to be able to see the treasure again, and whose relations and friends keep asking her about it, and for whom time is getting short, I am not sure how much longer my patience will last.

What is the treasure? I hear you ask. I can tell you in just three words – The Hastings Embroidery.


Hughenden Road