Hastings should have something revolutionary

I DON’T normally feel compelled to write into the newspaper but on this occasion I really felt I needed to express my delight on the new design for the pier.

Thank the Lord they didn’t contemplate crowding the new pier with tacky and cheap bric-a-brac filled shops that once graced it’s interior.

It is so exciting to see a genuinely innovative and unique design for the pier that will put Hastings on the map for all the right reasons.

Brighton and Eastbourne have their Victoriana piers filled with rides, amusements and kiss-me-quick hat stalls.

Let Hastings have something completely revolutionary, that really stands out from all the other seaside towns in the country, and paves the way for the future of piers for the next 200 years.

This new design combines purpose with practicality and contemporary innovation.

Well done designers/architects and, most importantly, Hastings Borough Council for being so open-minded to doing something completely different, it makes me proud to be a Hastings resident.

PS: I am fully aware that there will be the normal quota of moronic naysayers that will take one glance at the design and complain about the lack of cheap, tacky shops (there are plenty of them in town), the plethora of fried food outlets (again, plenty in town) and, of course amusement arcades (spreading like a disease all over town).

These will probably be the same narrow-minded people that pooh-poohed the Jerwood Gallery and are determined to keep Hastings rooted in the 1980s.

We have the opportunity to make Hastings a truly remarkable seaside town by taking advantage of rare pockets of money, and welcoming developers/companies into our beautiful town with open arms. It can only be a good thing.


Edwin Road