Hastings’ schools should apply common sense instead of rules when girls have periods

From: Josie Lawson, Stonehouse Drive, St Leonards

With regards the article by Laura Cooke entitled ‘Fury as school refuses to let girl use loo during her period’ in the Hastings Observer dated Friday, September 28, 2018.

I feel very much for this young girl and her mother, plus any other families and girls within this school.

Hastings Academy stated they issued the young girl a ‘toilet pass’ the following day. When this young girl had this problem, they said they would need a medical certificate.

How ridiculous and embarrassing, humiliating is this. A young girl starting a period, whether first or later in life, should be respected without thought. A period in young girls is a natural event, but for a first one, can be a very frightening experience.

That building was my school, Hastings Secondary Modern School for Girls.

If I remember correctly, there were rules. But back then they had a nurse’s room – any problems, not only the pupil, but teachers, would seek their help.

Surely a period is and should be respected without hesitation, common sense instead of rules.