Hastings residents will pick up the tab of waste collection again

Flytipping is a sad sight these days
Flytipping is a sad sight these days

From: R. Sanderson, Top Cross Road, Bexhill

Following the new contract with Hastings Borough Council, Biffa will take over from Kier in June this year.

As this contract is more expensive, we can be sure that we the public will be picking up the tab. It will be only a matter of time before an increase in garden refuse collection is established.

Already there are charges for the disposal of asbestos, tyres, etc, which will encourage fly tipping. Being an avid country walker, I am seeing more and more rubbish dumped in hedgerows... such a sad sight.

Moving on, our roads are a disgrace, so many pot holes! My daughter had the misfortune to hit one this week, her tyre was so badly damaged she was left with £115 pound bill to replace it.

Councillor Charlie Clark is working hard as always to address these issues on our behalf. A true man of the people who really cares for our local community. I sincerely hope he gets the support he deserves with local elections looming.