Hastings pays over the odds for parking

I RECENTLY needed to renew my resident’s parking permit, and because of the fact that I am currently working in Eastbourne, I took advantage of the facility that allows me to do so in the Eastbourne Parking Shop.

As she was processing my renewal, the woman who was attending to me, expressed some surprise that the annual cost of this was £75. She informed me that the cost in Eastbourne was just £25. I also felt some sense of surprise - along with one or two other emotions.

Now, I am sure that if this had happened two or three years ago, and I expressed some complaint about this inequality, I would have been informed that I was paying the price of living in a borough under the control of the Labour-run council, and its avowed commitment to high taxation and charging, in order to fund its inherent tendency for irresponsible spending, while the good people of Eastbourne had had the good sense to elect a ‘true-blue’ administration that was far more frugal in both its taxation and spending.

But that argument no longer has any validation (if it ever did), since the responsibility for Highways and Parking has been taken over by East Sussex County Council. Not only is this a very comfortably controlled Conservative council, but I was also under the impression that both Hastings and Eastbourne were equal constituents of this administration, i.e. to paraphrase its, indeed our, illustrious leader, that ‘we are all in this together’.

So the purpose of my missive is two-fold. Firstly, I would greatly appreciate somebody being able to justify the fact that Hastings residents pay three times the amount that our comrades in Eastbourne do, to park outside our own homes. Secondly, it is to make those, clearly discriminated against, residents of this borough of Mugsborough, aware of this gross injustice.


All Saints Street