Hastings has less accessible buses for disabled

I have been reading with interest the discussions via your letters page concerning buses or rather their reduction, which is the isuue.

Dial-a-Ride is a much-needed service which is very much valued by the elderly and disabled people alike but that too is to have cuts to its journeys.

The first good news two years ago was more buses with wheelchair access, super, then the Olympics took place and bye bye buses, off to London you go. Many disabled people tell me that they have never returned. Result, Hastings District has less accessible buses therefore an added need for Dial-a-Ride. Compared with fully accessible taxis the cost of the journeys is considerably cheaper.

Other areas of England manage to provide fully accessible routes for people using small scooters, all types of wheelchairs and an easy boarding for those who walk, but are mobility impaired why cannot Hastings do it too.

Rosemary Iddenden


Hastings and Rother Disability Forum