Hastings has a distinctive culture

HATS off to the judges for their UK City of Culture shortlist.

According to your June 21 report a key element of the Hastings bid was ‘to take our distinctive culture out to the world’, ‘showcasing all aspects of our culture from arts through to sport, with events and performances en route’.

This was to be done by visiting arts fairs and film festivals ‘from Cannes to Berlin, stages at music festivals including Glastonbury, floats at carnivals in Normandy and elsewhere’.

Artists were to be invited to work on a series of ‘concrete table tennis tables to be installed at strategic points including bus stops and railway stations’. Can you imagine it? ‘Radical interventions’ for the seafront were promised but didn’t include cleaning up the sea.

On top of all this, there will be a second ‘cultural symposium’ and a focus on ‘practical ways of moving forward’. If anybody shows up they’d do well to make a case for continued use of the ‘1066 Country’ construct, it’s meaningless.

Instead of perpetuating this foolery, those responsible must get back to their day jobs; sort out the speeding traffic in Elphinstone Road, fix the bus stop outside Morrisons, protect important buildings from ruin, expel developers bent on destroying our town and countryside.

If you’ve followed this on the web, you know that thanks to the efforts of the council, Hastings will now forever be associated with Graham Norton. I’m sure he’s a very nice chap, but so obviously not right for a UK City of Culture bid.


Bulverhythe Road

St Leonards