Hastings: Great town spoilt by idiots

I WAS born and bred here and have lived here most of my 52 years.

Hastings sadly has always been an all talk and no do town since I can remember. When I lived in London in the 1970’s it was the Stade Marina thing which never materialised.

The A21 main road has not changed at all since I was a boy travelling down.

We still have massive unemployment and poor wages and Hastings was labelled on the BBC Election Map as a deprived run down coastal town which has also not changed.

I suggest that Amber Rudd MP and all the councillors who have not been born and bred here listen to the people and don’t go round patting each other on the back when there is clearly still a lot to do in this town if it is to survive the oncoming storm.

Traders are suffering at the hands of these idiots that run our town. If you want Hastings and St Leonards to survive you need to stand up and be counted.

Hastings is a fantastic place with nice people but is spoilt by the idiots that run it.


Bedford Road