Hands off our Conquest Hospital

I WAS appalled to see your headline on page three of the recent Observer which read ‘Hospital service cuts come a step closer’.

I thought that this was dead and buried some time ago but obviously not.

Last Thursday I was admitted to the cardiac catheter unit for an angiogram. The staff were absolutely brilliant, the nurses made you feel at ease when I was admitted.

The doctors on that unit were sympathetic, extremely helpful in explaining what was going to happen and explained the outcome quite clearly. During the time that I spent on the unit the nurses worked extremely hard but also found time to make all the patients feel important.

The nurse who looked after me even found time to explain things clearly and in detail on my discharge.

Sometimes all you hear is the bad things that happen at the Conquest but I am writing to give praise where praise is due.

I also look forward to going back in to that same unit in about three months time for another procedure.

While I am writing this, I would also like to praise the eye department for the way my wife has and still is being treated.

This is also another excellent department I commend all the nurses and especially Mr Goews who is my wife’s consultant.

Again nothing is too much trouble for the team, a truly dedicated department. Well done to both of the named departments.

I say to the NHS Primary Care Trust, please keep your hands off our Conquest Hospital.


Austen Way