Groups joined together to stage event

MANY thanks to the Observer for your coverage of the EcoFabulous event.

It was indeed a fantastic day, with visitor numbers exceeding our expectations. This was all due to the very hard work of the organising group.

While it was reported that I was the organiser, I was in fact part of a group that included the Bridge Community Centre (Tanya Vice and Julie Sutton), Hastings Borough Council (Chantal Lass, Jan Papworth), In2Play (Clare Moutrie) and the Sussex Coast College (Mark Jackson, Joshua Brister).

Jodie Cornford and the Community Enablers from the Hastings Trust also played a key role.

We were all magnificently supported by a team of very conscientious volunteers, two in particular should be mentioned. Kate, a Future Jobs Fund worker at the Bridge, organised and set up the Music programme as well as helping with the overall organisation, and Anthony, a L-earn project employee of the Hastings Trust, helped with the organising and preparation of the site and worked tirelessly the whole day to ensure the safety and welfare of all involved.

The fantastic spirit of these two young people shows just how much initiatives like the Future Jobs Fund and L-earn project provide the opportunity for the true talents of our local population to shine.

The adventure playground provided a great venue and the In2Play team who run the playground were very pleased with the day and hope to see children and their parents returning to use the playground throughout the year.

So well done everyone involved this year, next year Pathway to Construction will be back in Alexandra Park and will include the EcoFab focus, we hope to see you all there.


Assistant director

EcoFab co-ordinator

Hastings Trust

Robertson Street