Gridlock seems as if it’s here to stay

YOU asked ‘what should be done to prevent gridlock in the Old Town’ (Observer, April 13) but unfortunately that’s a problem that’s unlikely to be resolved.

As Glen Veness quite rightly commented in his letter last week, traffic has been at gridlock in Rock-a-Nore Road for some years, so when permission was granted to build yet another attraction in the Old Town (Jerwood Gallery) it was pointed out to the decision makers, both in the town hall and at County Hall, Lewes, that traffic congestion could only get worse. ‘No’, we were told ‘visitors to Jerwood will be coming on the train’.

And the highways department spent half a million pounds widening the pavements, putting in traffic calming measures and installing pedestrian crossings.

Now that the county piggy bank is saving up to build a link road between Hastings and Bexhill, there’s not going to be much money left over for further changes.

So it’s probably a case of like it or lump it – or, if you’re a visitor in a car, go somewhere else where parking is less frustrating.


Old Humphrey Avenue