Grateful for new coat of paint at the WRVS centre

WRVS Isabel Blackman Centre, South Street would like to say a very big thank you to AmicusHorizon for coming to the centre and painting and decorating the toilets and the old library.

AmicusHorizon asked all its staff to give something back to the community and Mike Bushell, senior housing officer, chose the WRVS Centre.

They gave up a whole day and made the rooms look much better and fresher for the service users.

Many people have given something back to many charities during this scheme and we would like to offer thanks to the individuals who helped make this possible, to AmicusHorizon for the great idea and also to Steve West at Wicks, Ravenside who donated all the paint and brushes needed.

The work was carried out on Wednesday.


Manager, WRVS

South Street, St Leonards