Grateful for new coat of paint at the WRVS centre

I AM astounded that with all the troubles that St Leonards has Amber Rudd should get hot under the collar over Vladymyr Buchak returning to the area while on bail pending an appeal against a deportation order.

This man, albeit illegally, helped some of the poorest residents in the area obtain some much-needed cash to help them eke out a difficult existence.

He also helped a number of people who, solely due to an accident of birth were unable to reside in their chosen part of the world, to get round a cruel and divisive system.

Vladymyr Buchak has a son who, having been born here will probably want to remain here at least until adulthood.

Amber Rudd wants to prevent this innocent infant having a father to bring him up.

Nobody can dispute that what was done was illegal. However, Mr Buchak is not a violent man and poses no threat to the citizens of St Leonards. His trial and subsequent imprisonment has cost taxpayers a huge sum, a remand in custody would cost even more.

He has already paid a high price for his misdeeds and to have a local MP appear on national television criticising him when he is legally entitled to be in St Leonards is wholly unacceptable.

The courts sentenced both Vladymyr Buchak and Alex Brown to identical terms of imprisonment.

I do not hear Ms Rudd condemning Rev Brown for returning to his chosen place of abode following release.


Verulam Place

St Leonards