Grass is now above knee height

THE grass on uncut verges in Ghyllside Avenue is now above knee height.

The grass and weeds have now gone to seed. If left to grow much longer then there will be further reduced visibility at junctions for road users and pedestrians, which could lead to an accident.

Maintenance of our verges is a continued frustration to Conquest Ward residents. Many of whom are elderly and unable to pitch in with the recently promoted community spirit to cut the verges outside their own properties. Residents also have to contend with the increase in weeds on our footpaths, driveways, house guttering, and gardens.

Also once the county council finally gets round to cutting the verges there will be a significant volume of waste vegetation, which if left uncollected will likely end up causing problems in the winter by increasing the probability of blocked drains and culverts.

I sincerely hope that the council is planning to remove the cut waste to landfill rather than use our money to pay its contractors to wander around with leaf blowers to blow all the seedlings into cracks in pavements, kerbstones and walls for them to further exacerbate the problems!

Failing to maintain the verges increases the spread of grass and weeds onto our council maintained footpaths and shortens the life of the surface and ergo increases the long-term cost of maintenance.

When it comes to maintaining our town and county and keeping it presentable to visitors why are our councils so short-sighted? Or do they have a hidden investment portfolio?


Ghyllside Avenue