GP system is now in total freefall

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Peter Benson

Quarry Hill
St Leonards

Another week passes, another surgery closes and the Hastings & Rother Clinical Commissioning Group makes yet another ‘unreserved apology’ for the anxiety caused to patients.

Sadly, this apology, however sincere, may well serve to increase anxiety with the reassurance that patients will be re-registered at another practice which is itself most likely to be grossly over subscribed and struggling to cope.

It seems that the system of GP surgeries, formerly creaking at the joints, is now in total freefall.

The plight of most folk who need to make a GP appointment is utterly dreadful not to mention those who can face critical delays in repeat prescription medicines for serious conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and glaucoma. Any interruption in medication could cause serious illness, threat to life or in the case of glaucoma, loss of vision.

The powers that be, apparently see fit not to provide a plausible explanation for this frightening situation with an appraisal of when, if ever, it will improve or how bad it’s going to get. This leads us to the deafening sound of the rumour mill grinding which may give some insight into the chaos.

One such rumour is that mistakes were made during the recruitment of doctors from the EU. Consequently, it was later discovered that because of a qualifications and paperwork mismatch, the new doctors were unable to treat all age groups. More doctors were then needed at an additional cost.

Doesn’t seem to be any point in contacting our MP since the candidate who was elected works for the party seemingly in favour of the deconstruction and sell-off of the NHS.