GP services also suffered

I WRITE regarding the Marlborough House disaster.

First may I express my horror of what happened during this horrendous fire. I witnessed it from just after it started until when the firefighters finally got it under control, after it had burned right around the whole top floor of the building.

Questions must be asked here. Were there any fire precautions in place to prevent such an occurrence? No doubt this will come to light over the coming weeks and months.

The gallons of water poured on the fire has caused severe destruction to a pharmacy and two GP practises and I for one would like to thank my own, Warrior Square Surgery, which despite everything going against them, still had my repeat prescription available the following day and an urgent prescription for diabetic related painkillers on Tuesday.

They were easy to track down despite all of the problems and I wish them good luck over the coming months which will be a struggle and at times the staff and doctors will feel as though they are pulling their hair out. But they will get through it.

The same applies to Carisbrooke Surgery and Brent Auld and his team at the pharmacy.

One criticism. Last Monday I witnessed a lady crying outside of the building as she didn’t know where to get her medication and a young man who didn’t know where to get his methadone.

As a result I offered to put signs up telling people where they needed to go but my suggestion was refused.


Dane Road

St Leonards