Government cash is spent in wrong areas

SO while Hastings suffers more cuts to its services (Observer, May 27) the British people via their taxes are sending millions to support a host of disaffected groups right across north Africa.

The Observer reports that four major agencies in the town – agencies that are vital for our disadvantaged – will lose half their funding under the plans to slash the legal aid budget

Yet the BBC news has just reported the Government has found an extra £120 million for those behind last month’s uprising in Egypt and Tunisia.

This on top of William Hague calling for £3bn to be sent to Libya to pay – among other things – the wages of the rebels.

I don’t doubt the rebels in Libya are a nice bunch although from what I can work out they include thieves, looters and jail escapees.

And I don’t doubt Colonel Gaddafi is far from perfect but to send money to have him overthrown when we don’t have enough for our own teachers, nurses and police, seems crazy to me.

And now to read that we haven’t got enough money for Hastings Advice and Representation Centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Brighton Housing Trust simply rubs salt in the wound.

In the fullness of time I expect we’ll get a full explanation of what’s going on. In the meantime, tighten your belts Hastings, your money is off to north Africa.



St Leonards