Good training is the key to owning dogs

DOG licensing is not the answer as proved before licensing ceased.

Only responsible owners would abide by the new rules and they usually already have their dogs micro-chipped and pick up after their dogs and follow the rules of responsible ownership.

We need system similar to that of horse ownership where dogs are chipped and registered with an owner, when sold their registration (chip number) should be passed on with the dog and the new owner should transfer ownership to themselves, this could be made law and police should have the right to inspect registration as they do driving licences. This could cover all breeds Pedigree or not.

Certain breeds have been given bad publicity, breeds do have specific traits ‘Collie, herding instinct’, ‘G.S.D. Guarding Instinct’ etc.

Good training is the key to good dog ownership. If trained, all breeds can become sociable and a pleasure to own. It should be part of dog ownership to attend one of the many dog training clubs affiliated to the Kennel Club, who are keen to promote ‘A trained dog is a happy dog’.

However once again you will find it is the responsible owners who will train their dogs so we are back to square one.


associate of The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

Barley Lane