Good to see cross-agency support

I am responding with delight to Chief Inspector Paul Phelps’ letter in the Observer (July 25), having been saddened by that of Roy Harris previously.

I was one of the Hope Kitchen volunteers at the recent pop-up hub to which Paul refers. After each session there, I came home elated. It was great to see all the agencies such as police, Hastings Borough Council, Seaview Project and so many more, working together under one roof.

Often people in dire situations are sent ‘from pillar to post’ in search of help - that fragmented support is hard to keep track of when one’s life is in chaos and often leads to missed appointments, misunderstandings etc and much frustration for all parties.

It is said that anyone of us can easily be only one pay cheque away from homelessness/despair. Many of our guests at the soup kitchen are absolute diamonds; often when we hear their stories it is shocking to realise that ‘there but for God’s grace go I’.

Well done to everyone with the insight to plan and put into practice the pop-up hub. Several of the ‘undesirables’ to whom Roy Harris referred were helped towards accommodation, jobs and other support. All said how great it was to have that help in one place at one time. I hope funding will be made available for a repeat performance.

Sylvia Tolcher

Filsham Road

St Leonards