Good news on recycling

I noticed recently that the only point of recycling for tetra pack around hastings (formerly at ravenside retail park) has been removed in recent weeks. When I researched online to find a new place to take our tetra pack I realised they can now be added to the weekly recycling bag, along with a whole host of other materials that never used to be... I think this is really exciting news and to be shared with your readers!

Among the usual suspects, the recycling bags now say:

YES to:

Metal lids from glass bottles and jars

Blister packs (moulded plastic packaging used for tablets/capsules, batteries, small toys etc)

Plastic film and bags

Plastic food pots, tubs and trays

Clean kitchen foil and foil food trays

Cartons (milk, soup, juice etc) that means TETRA PACK

For full info visit

Thierry Alexandre

St Mary’s Terrace