Good event, bad toilets idea

I HAVE to say what a lovely carnival it was. We had the Pram Race on Wednesday, another fine event.

On Saturday’s carnival we had a record number of entries since my involvement, and I must give top praise to all the marshals and services who gave up their time to help make it the best.

We had some of the best weather anyone could wish for, and the Old Town was alive with happy faces everywhere, well almost then, until the parade arrived back at Rock-a-Nore car park after almost two hours of parade. And all in need of a little relief.

So whose brainless idea was it to redesign the toilets at this end of town?

I had heard that there had been some alterations to the toilet blocks at Rock-a-Nore. How they could be changed puzzled me. These toilets have served the area well for a long time now.

I like many others needed a pee. Why the queue, as there’s only three toilets now. They are unisex with no proper toilet seat and it’s not nice nor hygienic to expect ladies to use them. You all know why and what I mean.

We have attended toilets at Harold Place and The Stade. Why not Rock-a-Nore? At the same time let us have our old toilet blocks back please.

And another folly is that The Stade, now the new Stade, is empty for most of the week with no revenue coming in as it was a few years ago. Truck drivers who need a comfy bed and shower at the end of their day, are forced to park in lay-bys.

It’s best to move all coaches and trucks, whether it’s overnight or a day-time visitor, to an area near the railway station. Other towns can, why not Hastings? Rye, even Dymchurch, has coach parking near town.

The new arrangements for visiting coaches are abominable. And for Carnival Day, I’m informed coach drivers and passengers were not advised that road closures were in operation.

This also goes for local car parking permit holders, as I’m told, they were not advised that alterative parking was available to them. This is not the first time this has happened. And it costs Carnival to remove them.

We did our best to advise on all these issues with advanced warning posters where we could. But at one location some bright spark thought it best to remove them, and on the A21 of all roads.


Carnival chairman

The Ridge