Good citizenship has died a death

I am not sure what happened to good citizenship/thinking about your community, but it has died a death on the Beauport Cove estate in St Leonards.

If you aren’t taken out by the huge number of drivers who think it acceptable to drive the wrong way around the roundabout at the Stonebeach Rise and Harbour Way junction (it would be an interesting challenge for your photographer to sit there for the hour between 8am and 9am when it is at its worst to see just how many you catch on camera), and decide to walk then watch the pavements, particularly at the bottom corner of Harbour Way where the dog owners let their pets have free rein to defecate at will.

Sussex Police have ignored the drivers and I hate to think of the cost to local council taxpayers of the poor man who comes to clean the pavements up.

J Upton

Harbour Way